2020 Hyundai Grandeur — interior Exterior and Drive

2020 Hyundai Grandeur - interior Exterior and Drive Автошоу

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2020 Hyundai Grandeur
While there’s next to no chance it’ll come to Australia, the large luxury sedan points the way forward for the company’s continuing design evolution.
The just-unveiled Hyundai Grandeur/Azera is a dramatic redesign of the large front-wheel drive sedan launched in 2016.
The new Grandeur adopts a face heavily inspired by the 2018 HDC-1 ‘Le Fil Rouge’ concept car, one of the first vehicles designed under the aegis of Luc Donckerwolke, the Hyundai Motor Group’s head of design.

Instead of the outgoing car’s conservative front-end design, the Grandeur will now feature a small set of headlights tightly integrated with a grille populated by metal-colour diamond-shaped pieces, some of which light up as part of the car’s unique night-time graphic.

The changes to the side and rear don’t seem to be quite as dramatic, but interestingly the car is said to be not only 60mm longer (at 4990mm) overall, but also have a 40mm longer wheelbase and a 10mm wider body.

On the inside, the Grandeur has been treated to a new dashboard with a large, wide 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, as well as Volkswagen Passat-like horizontal bars linking up the central and side air vents.

Other changes include a smaller secondary touchscreen for most of the climate control system, a 12.3-inch fully digital instrumentation display, a new centre console, and a new steering wheel straight from the latest Sonata.

A number of drivetrains will be available with the new Grandeur: a Smartstream 2.5-litre four-cylinder, a 2.4-litre hybrid, a 3.0-litre LPG engine, and a 213kW 3.3-litre V6.
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