MOXIE — Jam in YOUR Van (At Home) — Full Concert #JAMINTHEVAN


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Watch Moxie Jam outside their own Van while supporting Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and powered by @OWC

«Effervescent.» «Soulful.» «Danceable.» When writers try to describe Moxie, they produce bright and passionate adjectives, words that conjure warmth and passion. But the word that seems to stick above all else is «unique.» Moxie draws from a wide range of inspiration, collaging the influences of grooves and melodies that span across decades forming together. This crafts a sound that simultaneously evokes the comfort of a classic and the wonder of an entirely new sound. Moxie is made of Rei Kimura’s powerful vocals which reminisce of classic soul and blues, Leander Holzapfel’s shimmering and dynamic lead guitar voicing colorful chords and bright leads, Daniel Snyder’s unbelievably tight grooves which draw jealous looks from metronomes everywhere, and David Cohen’s basslines which often blur the line into a lead instrument. Together, their influences blend and swirl, creating a hybrid which truly, unambiguously, sounds of Moxie. Following their debut album, The Fall LP, their second record, Flow of Color, was released June 1, 2020.

Set List:
00:00 Frank
03:53 Honey
07:20 Hard to Be
11:00 Untitled («David Bass Song»)
14:48 Blue Skies

Rei Kimura — Vocals and Guitar
Daniel Snyder — Drums
David Cohen — Bass
Leander Holzapfel — Guitar

Video shot by Taschi Belt
Video edited by Leander Holzapfel
Recorded and mixed by Leander Holzapfel

Recorded on May 16th at David’s Trailer, Westminster, VT

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